Italian Riviera life at its finest

Paloma, our motorhome is parked up at the official sosta a short distance from the La Spezia docks (N44.104370 E9.86110). It’s a bit of a weird place, apparently run by the local Red Cross association and all by volunteers. Even at the end of October, it’s full and why not it is only €6 a night ! 

La Spezia motorhome Sosta - Italy by camper
As most touirsts miss this place out using it only as a base for visiting the Cinqe Terre, pretty much like we had planned, but with an afternoon to kill and the sun still shining I wasn’t about to waste any of it. 

La Spezia, an important port city of the Liguria region situated between Pisa and Genoa.

La Spezia, Italy city map
 As we walked into Palm-lined streets of this luminous and vibrant Italian coastal town I was almost pinching myself, the expectations of a drab port blown away in seconds.

As we watched the enormous sized cruise ships and super yachts of European royalty sail by in an early autumn parade of Riviera flair, it offered up a reminder of home, the place sparked fond memories of Torquay’s harbour side.

La Spezia, Italy reminds me of Torquay
So what’s not to love about La Spezia? 

 You have the opportunity to soak up a slice of authentic, barely touched Italian city life. In addition to exploring the endless streets.

The what an Italian street should look like
A Stroll through the waterfront  public gardens  a small and charming local affair, but with some epic statues. 

Waterside garden La Spezia- Italy by motorhome
The waterfront is a walk that will transport you to summer regardless of what time of year you actually visit, it’s Italian Riviera life at its finest.

Michele on the pier at La Spezia, Italy with our motorhome
A stop off in one of the many cafe bars for a proper cappuccino rounded the afternoon off nicely! 


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2 thoughts on “Italian Riviera life at its finest

  • Russ & lynne

    Hi Paul & Michelle
    After meeting you in chifenti we’ve started following your blog & it’s like doing tuscany twice – you going one way & us the other. Keep enjoying your travels.

    • Shellthecobbler

      It was great to meet you ! – enjoy your travels


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