Hungary’s Coast line – well thats what they call it ……

The Our Leap Of Faith team have made it to Tihany, Hungary. We are rather cheekily parked for free on the shore of the inner lake, (N 46.908580   E 17.888110). Just the other side of the hill is the  Giant they call “the Hungarian sea”.

As the European heat wave was showing signs of slowing we set about leaving the tranquility of the campsite behind, we ambled along the country lanes, following field after field of beautiful sunflowers, a first for me as I have never seen commercial Sunflower fields.

Sunflower fields
One of many sunflower fields

Until we reached a much needed supermarket, forbMichele a taste of home and for me my worst nightmare a Tesco, in Hungary ?

Tesco In Hungary
Really, I thought I had left them all behind !

So an hour was passed completing our weekly shopping, I still haven’t got used to the money, I did a double take when the cashier asked for 13000 Huf, but it’s all ok because that’s less the £40 !

Our next task, was to work out the Hungarian vignette system as to which one we needed to be able to travel on the motorways, in the end we opted for the D2, which we think covers motorhomes, it was a little dearer than the car one at €22 but the text said motorhome……. 

At least I didn’t get a sticker to fill the windscreen a little more this time.

After our short splat along the motorway we switched onto the slightly disappointing lake side road, which fails for the most part to offer any glimpses of the lake, but when we finally get slight of her, wow !

Lake Balaton, one of Hungary’s most precious treasures and busiest tourist resorts. The lake is also able to boast that it is the largest lake in Central Europe, with a summer water temperature 80 degrees.

We opted  to visit Tihany with its twin-towered church perched high up on the cliff side the village itself almost juts out into the lake. The peninsula is visible far and wide from around the lake side.

Apprently the peninsula is of volcanic origin and was created thousands of years ago…. what makes it famous today is that the crypt of King András I, which stands below the Baroque style church.

Twin towers of the church

We also got the chance to see the towns memorial to the Calvery, which climbs high up the hill side ending with the three iconic figures hung high above you and crosses.

Calvery park - Tinhay

Epic cross

A look around the town gives way to many tat shops mainly selling nothing and everything but flavoured with lavender !!! 

I did take a few snaps of some other stuff, when the japenses weren’t looking !

Who’s that photo bombing me ?

Made a change to lavender, Chillies anyone ?

But the main attraction has and will always be the lake view …

View of lake balaton
Michele see the lake for the first time

Lake view
To give us some contrast to the views, just as I was licking my mojito ice cream (non acholic of course ) the weather quickly turned, giving us one of those ear deafening thunder storms,with lighting so vicious that it makes you duck. But with this came rain and lots of it, soaked to the skin, the sunshine that followed was welcomed as it dried us through in minutes.

Where’s the lake gone ?

We made our way back down the hill towards out parking place and the wildlife lake of the inner lake, filled with frogs, ducks and so many other birds……

The small but perfect inner lake.


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