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Glastonbury- myths and legends

The first person we met, described this place as Marmite – “you will either love or hate it”.

So what did we think ?

It’s unlike any other town you will come across in England never mind sleepy Somerset. Put it this way, you have much more chance to have your chakras re-aligned than buying a big mac on the high street.

The whole town is full of crystal sellers, mystical bookshops, alternative healers and independent cafes

Ever since the 60’s Glastonbury has attracted mystics, hippies and just about anyone else that doesn’t really fit, It truly is a bohemian mecca, but the magic and mystery started way before the first summer of love and the rather famous music festival.

Christianity started in England here (supposedly) and there are even rumours that Jesus’s uncle brought the young Jesus here – (ok that’s a little far fetched)

But rumours aside it is a place where Britain’s most important Ley lines meet. Add the mix of King Arthur and his knights and you can see why modern-day nomads are drawn to the place.

Almost central to the town is the famous Glastonbury Abbey. The earliest records claim that there was a monastery on the site since the 7th century.

There are connections with King Arthur here too. In 1191 Monks claimed to have visions that King Arthur and his wife Guinevere were buried somewhere within the Abbey’s grounds. The monks began digging around and came across a tomb containing a skeletal couple.

Could it have been them?

We will never know.

The abbey was dissolved by that other famous English King: Henry VIII in 1539.

Just outside the main town was our next port of call, The Tor, the iconic hill that you can see from almost anywhere. At 160m high you should get to see glorious views over the green and pleasent lands of Somerset, but if like us you climb up and the fog descends around you, the magic of the peace really comes alive, with no views and no way to know where you where we truly could have been anywhere!

As we were staying right at the bottom of the hill we got up fairly early and were the only ones about, This place is full of myths and legends.

From being the home to the Faery King to being the mythic Isle of Avalon where King Arthur was taken after being fatally wounded in battle, Apparently he is still there resting and he will rule over England again when his country calls for him.


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