Germany calling……

So I type this from a vineyard just inside the German border, we are in Trier and tomorrow we will embark on our journey along the Mosel valley.

(N49.73840, E6.65914)

On our way we stopped off in the supermarket, where I ended up paying as much deposit on my beer bottles as the beer cost , Grr….. Oh well even if I never make back to an Aldi I still manage 3 litres of beer for € 3 ( including €1.50 deposit for the bottles) also we sourced another “Brick” of wine this time for €1.49 …… Get in !!

We took a walk this afternoon through what seemed like allotments but almost like a collection of people’s gardens not connected to there houses, with sheds to compete with most new build bungalows in the uk…. And in the middle of it was their social club a beer garden with half litres of beer at €2 ……

Despite being on a vineyard. The advertised wine tasting didn’t seem to be on but hey ho its peaceful and relaxing …..

So tomorrow onwards and upwards….


P.S. Incase anyone taking notice ….. One day I will get her to take a selfie …….

One thought on “Germany calling……

  • I think she has become camera shy since she left the UK.!!
    Keep up the blog Paul. I am really enjoying sharing your travels.


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