Forests , Skyscrapers and bicycle races

Our motorhome Paloma is well off the beaten tourist route in Slovinea.

The ever helpful “Europe on a shoestring” would have you believe that Slovinea has nothing of merit to see on the whole eastern side of the country.

Leaving behind yesterday’s tourist trap, we headed out for the first time since entering, not on a motorway but on the smaller A roads, through towns and villages, until we entered the “Land of the Forest”.

God knows how this part of the country can be anymore Forest than the rest. I think from memory Slovinea is around 50% Forrest anyway.

Our vague planning has us cross the country slowly before heading towards Hungery, but as there’s nothing to see ( or so our guide book would have us believe) it maybe a quick passing through – Or not as I think we have hit the “need a challenge” point after the last few days of simple, easy  touirsts places, I need to get my inner explorer going, and away from the madding crowds.

We are in the newly and immaculately sculptured official aire about 1km from Kočevje, Slovenia (N45.64433, E14.87113).  set right next to the tourist information office.

It is of exceptional design with a 5 star wash room, free washing machines and a campers kitchen !

How sad have we become, getting excited over a washing machine!!

Booking in at the tourist office and parting with our €10 to stay the night we were treated like royalty, as it appeared that we might be one of the first van they have had since the building work.

A few minutes later the personal service was taken to the next level when, delivered to the van door, was a copy of every English language leaflet that they had ! – so we now have a plan of every historical building in town, plus some hiking trails in the hills.

But I think the mention of Bears, might have put Michele off these..

The leaflet did provide some helpful advise, if you see a Bear standstill and hope it doesn’t eat you ! – umm not the greatest advise.

Michele had other ideas ………

We are again lake side, do you think you can visit too many lakes?

And once again it’s heart warming to see family’s enjoying quality time together, dads fishing, kids splashing off the pontoons and mums sitting enjoying the sunshine.

We followed the towns waking guide which gave us a trip through history, showing us the sights of the town …..

Including what is reguarded as a Secession movement masterpiece, at at the time of building the highest building in the area, a skyscraper no less !!

Well ok ……..

What made the day so unbelievable, as the tourist office man described “a little cycle race is going on in town ”

Yep that like saying that the fa cup final is a few lads with jumpers for goal posts !

It was only The Tour of Slovenia, so we cheered on English great Mark Cavendish who was in his first race since returning to pro cycling.


2 thoughts on “Forests , Skyscrapers and bicycle races

  • Brian Paddock

    We will be in Slovenia later next week & would appreciate any site/general recommendation you may have. We will definitely be visiting the aire at Kocevje.

    • Shellthecobbler

      It’s such a wonderful country, the people are as friendly as they come, I would say that a visit to the capital has to be in the plan, lake bled was beautiful but 20km away in the national park will really take your breath away – do enjoy !!!

      We have a few more stops planned in Slovenia so keep checking in to see more !


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