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Costa del Azahar, The Orange Blossom Coast: the Spanish costa you’ve probably never heard of .

Having been brought up by the sea, I always find that homely draw back to the seaside, sadly a lot of the Costas have been developed into mass tourism and a lot seem to endlessly cater for the Brits !

Spain is known for its costas, the sandy strands that attract thousands of visitors seeking sun and sangria every year. But most people tend to head to the big hitters: the Costa del Sol, the Costa Brava and the Costa Blanca.

But of course these are just the bright and brazen names that have made it into international acclaim. Spain, with its more than 3000 miles of coastline, has plenty more shimmering sands, coastal towns that perhaps you’ve never even heard of !

So to stumble across a carefully developed town, that has taken on Spainish tourism and kept it mainly for the Spainsish is a real find and one such Gem is Alcocéber.

We are still on the camperstop having climbed to the infamous Hermitage. But we needed to explore the rest of the town.

Hidden on the exceptional stretch of the Mediterranean coast of Castellón. It is bounded by the mountainous Maestrat territory and includes part of the Serra d’Irta Natural Park.

in the 1980s the tranquil fishing village began to develop into a seaside resort, but somehow it still kept that friendly feeling .

As it’s on the coast it is full of coves and beautiful beaches

An epic modern marina called, Les Fonts opened in 1985 and has space for 300 boats to be moored and around 200 vessels on dry land.

This lovely marina is surrounded by shops, ice-cream parlours and restaurants and perfect for just relaxing and chilling out, come on we’re on holiday !

But given the opportunity to see a masterpiece of modern design, how could I resist!

Well it was only a couple of miles each way ….


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