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Can you sleep on the ‘Wonk’

Having caravaned for a fair few years, we were obsessed by getting 100 spot on, which for a tugger is easy , level side to side and then using the jockey wheel front to back, bobs your uncle

So, when we first got a motorhome we did what every other owner does and considers the options available for parking on uneven ground.

Not all of the hundreds of places we have park at are very flat. Which leads to an interesting array of in-van problems.

First thing you need is a sprite level, we have the ‘Bullsye’ version, it works in a very much ‘here’s what you could have won’ type of way

It does the job !

Bullseye level in our motorhome, well its nearly level

We do still have the odd, ahem, discussion about how level ‘level’ is. In the photo above, I deem this to be level, ish, well it’s not a perfect world is it !

There are essentially two choices available to get your vehicle level that don’t cost the earth.

Option one is to purchase some type of ramp that allows you to drive up one or more and get level. (Even better if you’ve got left overs from caravaning days although they’ve been replaced now)

Trusty Fiamma level ups for the motorhome

Option 2 is to sleep on a ‘wonk’

A mix of Option 1 and 2 became our preferred choice, if we were staying put or its way way too far out,out comes the levellers …

The biggest problem if you need new ones is though there are lots of different ones available on the market. Our first van was around the 1800kg mark and our current motorhome is way over 3 tonnes.

Just a small selection of the levelling ramp at our local motorhome and Caravan dealer

The market leading and probably the brand that most people will be familiar with is Fiamma and is readily available everywhere.

Thinking back to our caravaning days where we tried out all sorts of different one made buying ones for motorhome easy, we just opted for the Fiamma level system.

There are several versions available all with very similar names but we choose the Level up system over the other ones.

Even though the other ones in the range do the same thing they didn’t seem as well thought out.

The Chunky texture allows your tyres to get a good grip,with 3 separate wheel plate forms to give a good stop location and small chicks which grip the ramp to provide that added thought of security.

Fiamma level up system

They are also a little wider than most others.

This has the advantage of being able to ensure that all the tyres are supported.

It still leaves a little manoeuvring room getting on them so you drive up them properly the first time. Oh that’s normal for my co driver !

We have used the ramps on every imaginable surface. Although they are now looking a little less shiny than when we bought them, they are not damaged in anyway.

They don’t slip and slide on wet tarmac.

Another motorhome must have !


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