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A short paw-stop before our return journey

The rain has well and truly hit Niort, but toady, we’ve need to move on and find a vets for Bentley to have his worming tablets and get the all important stamp in his passport !

Time seems to have sped up, rushing us towards an ever-nearing date with a ferry. We don’t mind. We’re both really looking forward to getting home, I guess I never thought that I would be writing that !

Unlike last time, we already know that the return to work and the uk is a short term thing, by swapping a few months working as campsite Wardens, we are able to fund a life of travel and adventure, not many people can say that, now can they ?

But as our home is with us all the time, it’s more a case of same bed, different view!

We’ve well and truly beaten the 9to5, 2 weeks holiday in the sun lifestyle and have engineered a wonderful life!

However, the last few days have taken their toll on Michele, Sleepless nights wondering if everything will be OK at Bentley (aka Fred Dog) vet appointment.(don’t ask me why)

Paul trying hard to make Bentley sit still at the vets in Alencon, France

For anybody who doesn’t know, before you pack your motorhome ready to go home, your newly suave and sophisticated Continental hound will need to visit a local vet for a tapeworm treatment (dogs only), not less than 24 hours, and not more than five days before you enter the UK.

Paul trying hard to make Bentley sit still at the vets in Alencon, France

Some vets will also carry out a quick health check, to certify your pooch is in tip top shape for the journey back, although I don’t believe this is a legal requirement, but it’s nice as it offers piece of mind.

We settled on a vets in Alencon to head for as it had reasonable google reviews, the offer of English spoken and an Aire in the town to stay on until the morning.

The municipal Aire (N48.426200, E0.073330) easy to find and well signed posted just outside the town, but on this rainy day in France, the situation just didn’t do it for us.

We have also had a system where by we both need to be happy to stay, or we move on, and this was just one of those times, where the Aire looked deserted and abondanded, with broken service machine next to a busy road, a big no, no from us (today)

A quick consulate of the Park4night app showed up parking in the Park and Ride Carpark(N48.427101 E0.093867), off from the main road, next to the tennis club, generally just signs of life.

I think the rainy day was against us, no matter how we tried, Paloma, our motorhome was just overhanging too much, for me to be happy staying put, either she was in more than one space, covering the pavement, covering the path to the tennis club- it just wasn’t meant to be and it looked that by the morning we would well and truly be in peoples way as they arrived to use the Park and Ride to go off for there days work.

Alencon just wasn’t meant to be, it will have to go the list for another trip !

A quick cupper and another consult of the ‘inter web’ and a possible gem appeared, a small secluded spot, overlooking a lake, no painted Carpark lines, no abandon service machine, no busy roads – could be this perfect and only a few KM away ?

A small village called St. Denis Sur Sarthon (N48.457230 W0.048060)

A small village called St. Denis Sur Sarthon (N48.457230 W0.048060), a perfect motorhome Aire beside a small lake

So eventually we settled down for the day in a place, had it not been torrential rain, would have offered a great view, a quite place to sleep and just been nice !

A small village called St. Denis Sur Sarthon (N48.457230 W0.048060), a perfect motorhome Aire beside a small lake

Next morning, we headed straight into the vets and 20 minutes later the task was complete, Fancying a last look at the coast we set course for Arromanches.

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2 thoughts on “A short paw-stop before our return journey

  • It is great to know we are not the only ones who have the ‘we both need to be happy’ discussion before stopping anywhere. We also always make sure we are ready for a quick exit if required. We had to do this once in Tuscany as we realised in the early hours of the morning we were next to a very loud and popular nightclub which we didn’t spot in daylight hours!
    Have a safe trip back home.

    • I think on reflection had it been a bright sunny day, the first stop would have been ok, but in the dull rain, it wasn’t floating either if our boats – so onwards and upwards to what turned out to be a real gem !


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