A failed visit to the castles, but a glamorous ending..

We awoke to that horrible pit a  patter that is the British thing of rain, after the last few days it was a unexpected change. Given the change in the weather we decided to make a move towards the next of Draculars castles at Bran.

The roads lived up to normal Romanian standards, going from the smooth black Tarmac to the bumpy potholed concrete that jiggles you about, I’m sure a chiropractor would be a rich man in this country.

Bran which is home of Bran Castle, commonly known as Dracula’s Castle, however there is absolutely zero evidence that  Vald ever lived here or that Bram Stoker, Dracula’s creator even visited it. 

We saw the castle as we drove through but it was very busy with people and cars, all the parking areas were near enough full so we couldn’t stop. The Japanese were out in full, even standing in the middle of the road to take selfies.

The street was lined with tat huts full of Dracula merchandise and all sorts of other junk. 

Sadly the place did less than nothing for me, and I wasn’t too sad to have missed the chance to spend 25 Ron each, to visit. 

The traffic situation wasn’t helped by the first accident we have witnessed in Romania, which is a miracle given the standard of driving.

We passed Rasnov to try visiting the citadel there but it was just as busy and we struggled to get along the road with cars parked along each side, it seemed that the world and his wife were either in the citadel or at the Dino Parc.

We did snap the Hollywood style sign, that is a tad out of keeping.

Following the touirst route, which in the sunshine would have been brilliant we ended up in Romania’s main ski resort Poiana Brasov it was also busy but there was space in the main car park. ( N45.58873  E25.55281). Parking was supposed to be 1.50 Lei per hour or 12 Lei all day, Michele asks for the rest of the day (about 4 hours) but parking man so no all day 12….

Michele was a bit miffed until she worked out it was only just over £2 all day and we were going to sleep overnight ! 

Firstly we had the Bonus of a full on wedding party just kicking back in the car park, completely different to England where everyone is trying to out do each other, here it’s about celebrating with anyone and everyone. 

And then into the resort town

You can imagine with a dusting of snow, the little mountain resort of Poiana Braşov making a spectacular day out on the slopes, the town itself was alive with bars and restaurants even on a July afternoon.

It has a stunning little wooden church 

So we are following in the foot steps of movie megastars Jude Law and Nicole Kidman who made a glamorous visit to Poiana Braşov during the filming of Cold Mountain. 
Ohh get us……

Poiana Braşov has been one of cleanest, friendliest places we have visited in Romania, it should go down as a must see….


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