Perama – lakes and caves

Firstly a big thank you to Our Leap of Faiths friend, Dave who sent us a great little booklet on aires in Northan Greece, excited by the fact that another country is making itself ever more motorhome friendly we decided to pop into one and see what the local town had to offer motorhomes

Firstly the site we chose will be excellent, but some of the facilities were still under construction, but once finished it will boast 4 shower rooms and electricity connections – all for free!

Our home for the night is located about 4 km north of Ioannina in the willage of Perama at the base of Mount Gritsa. 

A stunning little village boasting everything you could need with numerous bars and cafes plus a few mini markets.

Of course we sampled a fine coffeee in one of the local establishments 

The site boardered the lake on one side 

and some how we hit gold again with a water skiing competition taking place, not something I have ever seen before

The villages main attraction after the lake is, The Perama Cave nextwork this was discovered during World War II when the local people were looking for a place to hide from the enemy bombs and artillery fire. 

 After the war, it was explored by spelaeologists from Athens, Ioannis Petrocheilos and Anna Petrocheilou. 

 The cave although approximately only 1 km long has 19 different types of stalactites and it is said to hold the distinction of the most types of stalactites in any cave. The maximum in others is 10. 

During its exploration there were also bones and teeth found of ancient cave bears. 

Never one to miss an opportunity to live life on the edge I also attacked the local climbing wall 

So a huge thumbs up from us, and a massive thanks to the local town for offering official parking spaces to us motorhomers


PS the real shot of the climbing wall !!!

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