Our first Greek beach

Strange how having lived my whole life a stone (or should that be pebbles) throw away from the sea, that we jumped at the chance to spend a few nights right on the coast.

Paloma is hiding from the blazing sun under the cover of some nice trees, so a bit of shade and a beautiful sea breeze has us keeping chilled, (N40.776259 E23.982311) just on the edge of Ofrynio Beach, Greece.

Leaving the lake we passed the Serres massif, and followed picturesque rural highways all the way to Ofrinio beach on the Aegean Sea.

The parking area was full of Bulgarian and Romanian cars, and the camper parked next to us was no expection, they explained that it is day-trip that many Bulgarian’s may make.

Although Bulgaria enjoys access to much of The Black Sea and all of the beaches and coastline that it provides, many Bulgarians find travel to Greece’s closer beaches a much simpler, even if a more expensive affair.

So after a month in Bulgaria we have crossed the boarder to once again share our time with these lovely people.

The resort itself is a couple of km along the beach and fairly nicely developed with no vast high rise apartment blocks.

A decent local market was in full swing with colourful looking fruit and veg  and the prices….. 1kg of fresh toms €1 – now that’s not to be sniffed at.

So this place brings back memory’s of package holidays where sitting on the beach was to be the main activity. 

Not quite what we had in mind, but a great place to start trekking along  the northern greece coast….


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