Marathon Monday’s – Journey to The London Marathon 2020

For as long as I can remember there has always being something special about London Marathon day.

It started the year I was born so has always been some small part of my annual calendar.

london marathon logo

Until earlier this year I’d never been closer to it than sitting on a sofa with the BBC streaming it into my eyes and ears.

I’d never really dreamt of one day running a marathon but had I , it would have been around the iconic sights around our capital. So really there was never another choice of where to try and undertake this epic mission.

Anyway , nearly all non runners haven’t heard of any other Marathons apart from London !

So like 100s of thousands of others I entered the Ballot

Now the London Marathon ballot is a bit like Willy Wonka’s golden tickets in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory apart from if Willy Wonka had organised it he would hide the golden race numbers in energy gels?

It’s that time of the year again when more than 400k runners are dashing home to check their doormats for a magazine.

Even with the world of Facebook and the likes, The “You’re In” London Marathon magazine seems to be rarer than rarer ,but there are thousands of them being delivered by posties across the UK. (Apparently)

And like 100s of thousands of others, my ballot rejection letter arrived at the beginning of October – my incentive and drive to continue had gone and I slipped out of what had become a nice routine since my hot but enjoyable half marathon in Bristol.

Paul, From our leap of faith, with his Street Striders running club after the simply Health Great Bristol Half Marathon

The sudden absence of a target was not helpful in motivating the continuation of running despite how much I was now enjoying it.

I was now not only enjoying the after effects of running, I was genuinely enjoying the act of running as well. It was still hard but I had found a rhythm which meant I could generally keep going without much hassle over the distances I was trying to cover at that time.

After a few hours of wallowing in self pity for the loss of my dream, the fear of losing all I had gained was enough to get me back on it. I hit the Internet in search of a charity place, because I was once again determined I was ‘Running that Marathon’

A stroke of luck, or possibly just a happy coincidence, but a Charity based in the next Town were searching for a runner !

Fate had dealt me an Ace and I now have the opportunity to team up with a local charity, thus raising money and making my dream come true!

I have a charity place in the London Marathon next year. (I’m running for The Orchard Vale Trust)

The Orchard Vale Trust is based in Wooky, Somerset (about 5 miles from our campsite in Glastonbury)

Their team help develop essential skills in communication, independence and life for adults with learning difficulties.

They are dedicated to forging links with the local community giving mutual benefit for the community and the adults .

In the UK, 85% of adults with learning disabilities feel lonely and isolated”

They have created a number of Social Enterprise opportunities, the focus of which is real work experience, designed to encourage and develop essential real life and work-related skills.

The fundraising target ,The charity asked for a minimum pledge of £1300 but I hope to raise more

Not only do I want to raise at least £1300 as part of my fundraising, but I want to train for a time that I will personally feel proud of achieving.

I want to aim for at least a sub 4:15 marathon.

If you fancy sponsoring me on this rather epic journey, you can head over to my Virgin Giving Page– even if you can only spare 50p it will be making a huge difference to lives of many.

Paul  kingston Ford - our leap of faith very own paul is running the London Marathon  in aid of the orchard  Vale aTrust  please donate through the  VirginGiving Page
Thanks to Karen from for the epic picture

After searching the Internet for a training plan, something I didn’t really use to get me to the half distance, but this time around I want to succeed rather than just finish!

I’ve read a lot about the Hanson’s Marathon Method over the past few days- very popular over the pond, but not so in England.

Hansons Marathon Book

The Hanson Marathon Method operates on the idea that by running more miles during the week, you are in essence running on tired legs for your long run. This operates on the idea that you will build more mental and physical endurance by consistently running in that fatigued state.- ummmm

Here’s a peek at week one – remember to check back next week to see how badly I can fail in week one

Hanson marathon Method plan week one - how badly can ourleaps of faith member paul fail at running the virgin london marathon 2020

Here it is, the first in a series of Post, to:-

A) document this slightly crazy journey from non-Runner to Marathon Man

B) hopefully by recording all the high and lows of training for such an event, this series of blogs will hold me somewhat more accountable

But I do promise that it will be kept to once a week (Marathon Monday’s)



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